We specialize in water flood clean-ups.

Our one and only main priority is your health and safety.

During a flood clean-up, the indoor air quality in your home or office may appear to be the least of your problems. However, failure to remove contaminated materials and to reduce moisture and humidity can cause serious long term health risk. Standing water and wet materials are a breeding ground for micro-organisms, such as viruses, bacteria and mold. They can cause disease, trigger allergic reactions, and continue to damage material affected from the flood long after the incident.

Connah Flood Restoration is fully equiped with the latest specialized equipment to make sure that your flood clean-up is done professionally and promptly.

We will remove the water as quickly as possible to reduce the chance of mold, fungoi bacteria and other problems that can occur.

Most average basement floods take 2-4 days from beginning to end.

We are priced fair, very well trained and professional.

We are equiped with water pumps, air movers, air scrubbers, de-humidifiers and water extractors. We only use the latest in equipment technology.

The most important thing is reaction time when discovering you have a flood. Whether it's a small flood (one inch of water) or a big one (five or more inches of water), it's the reaction time that is going to reduce the overall damage.

We care about what we do. We don't take advantage of someone's disaster situation. We're here to help you get your life back on track and to make sure it's done promptly and professionally.

If you would like a free on-site estimate, or have any questions concerning flood clean-ups, please call us today.

Ottawa flood cleanup specialist: we are an emergency response team, 365 days a year.
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